The truth of the Mind


barca a vela

The boat of the two young people is anchored in the harbor of a town that, like other places on the lake side recovered after the flood, for three quarters of the year is full of animosity and fervor linked to tourism that comes there from all over the world.

The small town, which remained nearly unchanged over the past two centuries, is located on the shores of Lake Verbano. Ascona had not suffered major damage, except the sudden rise of the water. In summer, the town came alive with color and music into the early morning hours. This kept a hint of nostalgia, also broadcast several times on Unynetweb, the global news channel.

Then there are the countless villas and holiday apartments that can accommodate during the good season the property owners who are mainly members of the Institutions of Power or Control. All this contributes to the prosperity of the town which has in every corner flower beds and well maintained luxuriant parks.

The twenty-third century had led humans to deal with drastic and sometimes terrible changes. Though two centuries before it was destroyed one third of the planet and the dead were more than 3 billion, the strength of survival implicit in the DNA was allowed to re-establish a sort of community bound in the span time of about 120 years.


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