The Vibratory Matrix


(Chapter 1)

The rain pours over the rooftops of the city still enveloped in darkness. The silvery flashes of lightning, ripped through the night sky, illuminate the steps of the woman who runs at breakneck speed along the bike path that extends beside the lake. The long flowered skirt is glued to her body, highlighting her thin figure. With an angry gesture of her hands, she raises the fabric just enough to clear the knees to facilitate her movements. The long amber hair, collected over the nape, wriggles to the rhythm of her quick steps.

The smell of the water penetrates everything, with arrogance, creeping into the nostrils of the woman. There are sparkling rivulets along the edges of the sidewalks carrying a few leaves torn from the branches of the nearby trees by the force of the wind. Everything is enveloped in darkness; every form seems to come to life whenever a flash profanes the sky. The trees rise like ghosts of other worlds, driven by the fury of the elements. Are those the moments where the human is related to the divine, those moments of profound atavistic fear in which man realizes the tremendous force of Nature?

Apparently, everyone is asleep, living dreams representing a kind of parallel life in which each one finds themselves unconditionally. It is the frustration, which sometimes generates anxiety and then becomes nightmares in those who, dropping all barriers, find themselves in a dream-like sketch that involves them in daily life.

Nevertheless, it is not like that for everyone: there are people who consciously know how to teleport from one dimension to another, psychically forcing entry into the paranormal world, where they can manipulate their very existence. These faculties are believed to be reserved only for the followers of esoteric occult practices but later were revealed as innate qualities of the “dreamers”.

These “dreamers”, commonly called Annwyn, although their molecular structure is exactly equal to ours to protect them by disguising their presence among us, have immeasurable powers of the mind.

The Annwyn began to arrive in large numbers on planet Earth around the end of the second millennium. Initially, beginning in the Seventies, they were treated as anomalous cases, sometimes subjected to real psychological torture, confined in hospitals and sedated through the administration of psychotropic drugs. They were always restless and peevish children who made life a living hell for their parents. Then, growing up, they had become hyperactive students and always at the center of conflicts and disputes. There have been a myriad of theses written about them, each one crazier than the last. Only later, at the discovery of ancient codes, was the real reason for their presence on planet Earth recognized: to help human beings to grow spiritually and then escape from the imminent global catastrophe predicted since ancient times.

The woman who pursues her destiny is in fact one of them: an Annwyn and her name is Chrysalis, Chrisa to her friends.

Chrisa stops for a few seconds, looking at her back. She is breathless and she feels his presence. She is aware that the pursuer will not give her a break until her exit from the REM phase.

She loses her balance for a split second, stepping on something slippery and, full of surprise, she bent toward the ground, seeing a strange, relatively small artifact. Despite the danger of losing the advantage that separated her from the pursuer, with the typical curiosity of the Annwyn, Chrysalis collects the object from the ground without even verifying its nature, hurriedly put it in the bag that she carries on the shoulder.

The Cascades of water flooded the strip of asphalt that was the cycling path, painted green, like a poisonous snake, streaked further east, towards the port. There was no living soul around at that inappropriate hour; soon the dawn will start to illuminate the sky from the East and erase the fears of the night.

*** Matrix Motus ***

On the boat, definitely still blissfully asleep and completely unaware of what is happening inside the dream world of an Annwyn, is Chrysalis’ brother, Joshua.

Chrisa jumps over the barrier of the dock and launches herself in the last effort along the boards that look like the keyboard of an old piano, so much they shine in the scary glow of lightning.

However, the curiosity, which most of the time the young woman cannot handle, is always stronger than the immense wisdom that should be inherent in her being. For her, it is a real dilemma of not being able to refrain from the uncertainty of most often-risky decisions.

“I must stop, once and for all! But why can’t I lead a normal life, like him?”

Chrisa bent and kiss on the forehead her brother asleep.

“Damn those who have bequeathed us this Mission: is it possible that humans should be forced to require our presence in order to progress in their spiritual evolution?”

The woman is nearing her physical shell, which is lying helplessly curled in a fetal position; she slips her bag from over her shoulder and throws it on the ground. The vibration in the surrounding air is altered, assuming a very intense golden color: the energies of the two camps – the astral and the material – gathering while the Annwyn falls into her physical structure.


At dawn, Joshua wakes up in a good mood. He goes on the deck of the sailboat, checks the ropes that moor the boat, then, running, he reaches the shore.

“Hi, Marius! Are you ready for tomorrow’s race? Look, this time my sister and I will give you a hard time!”

Joshua watches the old man with eyes that sparkle with cunning, while he grabs the handlebars of the electric bicycle. Along the lake, there are already a lot of people, tourists, and inhabitants of the village, taking a relaxing morning walk.

A day seemingly like any other: the air is charged with the perfume of flowers, a gentle breeze rattles the iron rigging of the moored sailboats, as the first rays of sunshine caress the landscape with tingling heat.

Some men of the Experimental Team, accompanied by their enormous cats resembling a genetic mongrel between a jaguar and a bobcat, are not unnoticed because of their blue and silver uniforms. They stop a few individuals and are about to verify the identity papers before carrying out a body search.

Marius glares with a significant look in the direction of Joshua; his face scorched by the sun does not betray his disapproval, but he makes no comment on the newcomers. He pretends to be too busy to curl up a rope and, approached the boy.

“Watch out, small fresh-water wolf,” he whispers, “I don’t believe that you and Chrisa are capable of beating me, I’m far too smart! The proof is that instead of sleeping or wandering everywhere with the bicycle, I sail to train a bit. Moreover, remember the old saying, ‘laughs best who laughs last’. Come on up, run to get fresh bread at Fabrizio’s shop before all the chocolate croissants are sold. Wolverine that you are! See you for a bit of pasta and potatoes at noon? Ask your sister to get busy in the kitchen, she’s a good cook, and I’ll take the sweet goody!”

Joshua readjusts his slightly wavy black hair, his eyes, bright as a pool of sunlit river water, rests upon the figure of his friend. Then he returns an amused grimace to the elderly man, who makes a sign with his head, laying a finger over his lips, in the direction of the agents. It had not escaped the boy that those of the security forces had loaded the arrested people onto the armored SUV.

“Brrr… We won’t see those guys again.”

Then, he continues turning to Marius with an excited look:

“Well? For lunch, will you bring some more of that wondrous concoction? Holy God, I still have not digested the sort of potion whose recipe claims to be the work of the ancient Druids. Anything except apricot’s cream! Okay. Let us go for “pasta and potatoes”. We’ll see each other at 1:00 PM on the Avalon’s Mist.”

The young man jumps on the saddle of his bike and moves away quickly, pedaling at a good pace as if to prove to his elderly friend that he actually trains for the race as well!

[1] Rapid eye movement is indicated most frequently by the acronym REM, which is the “rapid eye movement” that occurs during a phase of sleep accompanied by other bodily physiological alterations. REM sleep is also called paradoxical sleep and is accompanied by dreams.


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