Divining Force * Forza divinatrice

Divining force of the tree

Chrisa, after waking up in a murky mood, quickly begins to write the details of the past night’s travels in her Moleskin notebook. Her soaked clothes drained onto the floor, leaving a conspicuous patch of water: the colorful flowered skirt looks like a spring flowerbed, soaked by the sudden downpour.

The young woman is aware that these records are important for her present existence, for leaving a lasting impression if something unexpected happens. How long had she lived with these strange premonitions? They were like the swallows foreseeing a sudden weather change. It’s a kind of oscillation in the solar plexus, a contraction that induced her to be prudent. For this reason, transcribing everything had become a habit, a ritual.

*** Vis Divinationis ***

The young woman was able to read, write and speak eight languages perfectly from the age of three. Several doctors, who had visited her, considered Chrisa a prodigy child, a kind of paranormal creature as indeed were all the Annwyn children considered. These singularities have forced the Annwyn children, at least initially, to lead strange, segregated lives because they did not need to attend schools. Their ancestral memory has a potential that other sentient beings do not have: Chrisa remembered many previous lives, and much more… maybe too much! The young woman cursed the power that, several times, had caused her big problems.

During the first years of life, Chrisa’s parents were very protective of her; only after her eighth birthday did she learn of the existence of other young people with similar psychic qualities. Through the intercession of the Unified Power, these young people obtained a special treatment by the authorities and they received some sort of unparalleled protection. They were given the opportunity to participate at the Supreme Congress, where only the key figures in the conduction of the Planet Earth had access. Chrisa had already crossed the “Al-Hillah” of Ishtar, home of the Unified Power during a couple of her dream trips, although this was highly prohibited.

After the year 2200, each Annwyn was regarded by ordinary mortals as a sort of ascetic or sage. They were given the onerous task of aiding the human race in the ascent towards the perfection of Mind, enlightenment, or even simply in the reunion with the Essence. The harsh living conditions, even aggravated by a kind of repression by the Unified Power, had brought most wisdom to the humans. However, to err is still always human and unfortunately, many of the errors that occurred after the 1900s did not serve as a warning. There was something intrinsic, which was thought to be inherent in human DNA: the presence of evil. Hence, the eternal struggle of Good vs. Evil! Throughout the ages, man progressed and then fell into the limbo of his own irresponsibility and continued to wander and generate horror and destruction around him.

The Unified Power, even awakening great opposition between free thinkers and scientists, allowed only the select few to conceive. When a man and a woman joined in marriage, they had the opportunity to seek permission to procreate, but not without first being subjected to a severe examination related to morality and ethics. The Unified Power had the conviction that only couples capable of managing in full consciousness the birth of a child, could raise the offspring in dignity and morality. Nevertheless, they concentrated only on the genetic effects; in fact, few theosophists in the ranks of the Unified Power welcomed the definition of karmic Mind/Soul and its itinerary linked to karmic-imprints generated during previous existences. This was an unforgivable mistake: a mistake that unfortunately would again affect humanity!

Being an Annwyn, Chrisa could choose her genetic parents and the environment in which she wanted to live, to be reincarnated as soon as the shell that she housed needed to be abandoned. However, an Annwyn is long-lived, and time does not mark the body as it would an ordinary human being. The passage through death and rebirth is a sort of metamorphosis, painless and self-imposed, that the members of the Unified Power had tried, unsuccessfully, to decode. This is a kind of secret, which every Annwyn guards jealously and carefully. Chrisa, some years before, as a result of the immense pain, felt at the disappearance of her parents and overcome by a profound need to share, had confided to her brother a few details, but without ever going into the information about the obscure symbols that concealed the true identity of the Annwyn.

The bond between Joshua and his sister was very deep, even if sometimes the unsociable character of both siblings ended up creating some bickering and dissension. Joshua feels deference to what he cannot explain in simple words. All the magic that hovers around the Annwyn, are not matters on which the young man loved to talk or quibble about. Chrysalis sensed that there was something else that brought them together, something that she has not yet been able to discover. Perhaps, for this reason, the girl began to introduce her brother to the enigmas of the Annwyn, in small steps, to avoid unnecessary fear and anxiety in his mind. The girl kept to herself the legend of the Codes and the Sacred Mirror, which would make it possible to exit from the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Their mother and father had died some years before, in strange circumstances; even the agents of the Experimental Team were not able to examine the reasons or motives. However, Chrisa thought she knew. She is sure to know the truth because in many of her dream-travels she meets the only Presence that she thinks could upset the existence of humankind: Hathor.

With these thoughts swirling in her mind like butterflies gone mad between stormy whirlwinds, Chrisa slips into the small shower so that the hot water could awaken her from the slumber of her nocturnal raids.

“Brrrr… Damn, Joshua has used all the hot water in the tank; I do not want to wait an hour for it to warm up. Let us have courage, I shall hurry up and not waste time as usual.”

From the shores of the lake up to the oldest part of the town, miraculously restored a century after the cataclysm, you need just a few pedal strokes. Joshua could cover the stretch of road on foot, but he felt the same reverence for his electric bike as he did for Avalon’s Mist, their sailboat.

The bike was a gift from their father, who always had a deep respect for nature and tried to preserve its charm in every way. He was a man of science, very wise and respected. He was a careful and strict father, but full of feeling towards his two children. Both Chrisa and Joshua had been accustomed since they were very small to nourish the respect of the flora and fauna. Their parents were always mobilized whenever emergencies required the direct involvement of citizens.

The rise in global temperature over the centuries had contributed to a succession of terrible ecological disasters. This had changed the geology of the planet in an irreversible way, forcing the residents to reach safety zones. As time passed, new environmental groups took critical positions in the matter of saving the planet, since the events at the beginning of the third millennium had upset the ecological balance. There were very strict laws enacted which punished offenders by forcing them into segregation in hospitals or even into hibernation. Many strange voices reported what really happened in these hospitals. Centuries before, it was said, in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest, one of the great lungs of the planet, was discovered a tiny parasitic fungus, the Cordyceps Unilateralis.

This fungus was accidentally found by looking at insects that had changed their behavior in an unusual way. The tiny spores of the fungus had entered the bodies of the insects through the respiratory tract, changing their perceptions and instincts. These were then used as a breeding ground and an incubator for fungal proliferation. Offenders confined in hospitals and laboratories owned by the Unified Power were exposed to direct contact with the Cordyceps Unilateralis. The fungus proceeded to destroy the individual, condemning them to progressive physiological destruction and bringing death in a few weeks. Nothing illegal, apparently: Nature rebelled against those creatures that did not deserve to live.

Thanks to these drastic repression measures, the Unified Power was finally been able to control the rampant plague that had been deliberately ignored for too many centuries. Perhaps even, thanks to authorized procreation, crime was now under control. The new generations of the third millennium had gradually begun to bring the Order and the Knowledge; much had been permanently changed after the terrible events that took place in the year 2022. With the arrival of the Annwyn on the planet, the visionary dreams pursued by various so-called ‘New Age’ movements, had finally become reality: the Vibration of human beings and therefore the elevation of the planet Earth itself into other Spheres was about to be implemented.

However, for centuries, always lurking, very influential and powerful people, unscrupulous individuals who seek hegemony only for their personal interests, existed. These people, from the beginning, strongly opposed the Unified Power. The Unified Power had to take drastic measures: the Experimental Team was created shortly after introducing Martial Law, and despite its unbreakable power, sometimes evil could still get away unpunished. Some of them relied on pseudo-scientists trying to find the elixir of immortality or that passage which would open a path through the grid of Time. Those who refused to cooperate and worked against the Unified Power were eliminated.

However, the assassins of Chrisa and Joshua’s parents were able to disappear without a trace; unfortunately, such events continued to happen every day, despite the vigilantes who were attempting to protect their fellow citizens. They helped each other, working together to prevent acts of vandalism and crime; everyone could intervene directly to protect human rights. In complicated cases, they called the Experimental Team, who immediately interposed to restore order.

The new pedagogical model used since about a hundred years ago had allowed the use of a new kind of teaching. The new model emphasized Respect and Cohesion. Unfortunately, it was centuries before fate would bring the Unified Power to make finally the decisive step, by which time Nature had suffered irreversible damage and thousands of species were extinct. Two hundred years of history had so substantially transformed the political economy and the financial world. Furthermore, due to the presence of these unique creatures, the opening to ‘other Spheres’ was facilitated and the exchange could take place over several vibrations’ levels, although this practice was only granted to the Annwyn. This last was then treated with special respect and reverence, albeit with certain circumspection.

The fragrant smell of the bread tickles Joshua’s nose, and he looks around with the voracious enthusiasm of someone who would gladly have gobbled down pastries and sandwiches. Joshua walks into the shop and Fabrizio, pulling the last four chocolate fudge croissants out from under the counter, gives them to him.

“Get these, skipper,” Fabrizio said. “I kept them for you! Because of you, I will probably lose some other customers. I will have to bake a dozen more of these calorie bombs! They sell really well! However, tell me, is the old Marius already out with his catamaran? Apparently, they all are in fervor for tomorrow’s race. Uhh, you are blessed. Honestly, I do not understand a damn thing about boats, sails, and wind… What are the organizers offering as a prize?”

Joshua smiled at the baker, glancing in the direction of the vertical refrigerator where Fabrizio enshrines some sweets with honey, a rare and expensive delicacy because of the shortage of raw material.

“Look, Fabrizio, how about ‘one of those cakes’ that usually you give me as a birthday present in exchange for information to satisfy your curiosity?”

The little man, always covered from head to toe in flour, had an infectious laugh. Fabrizio rubs flour from his hands on to his long white coat, before placing both hands on his hips. The young man was already delighted at the prospect of biting the wonderful little mounds that dissolve on the tongue before releasing a heavenly taste. Joshua has several weaknesses; in addition to his passion for sailing, he loved desserts, which would certainly cause him weight problems in the end. He had not yet managed to find out if the flour and the other ingredients used by Fabrizio, were really provided by the Unified Power. He suspected that the good man was not using an approved supplier.

There were so many stories, which would soon become legends, concerning ‘illegal’ biological products that could not be bought freely on the market. Unfortunately, the situation on the planet had worsened over the decades. At a certain moment, because of the deteriorating climate and the several atomic disasters, many plantations were destroyed while the soil and the water had been contaminated by radiation. Governments had to fall back exclusively on genetic manipulation and in-vitro culture in the hope of being able to cope with the tragedy and feed the already decimated population.

Then, little by little, the proponents of the so-called ‘biological products’ were dropped in number and placed under greater control. Law forbids the sale of other products that did not bear the mark of the Unified Power. Joshua never had dared to ask Fabrizio how, considering the near extinction of bees, he managed to get the honey that was almost considered outlawed and therefore forbidden. Fabrizio casts around a furtive glance, raising himself on his toes to peek out the window toward the alley, and then he approached Joshua and whispers in his ear.

“Well, I agree. I will give you two of them. I feel generous today. Is your birthday is in a few weeks, right? These are worth a fortune, my friend! However, not a word, otherwise they will make me close the store. This isn’t a joke!”

The baker smiled and winked at Joshua.

“Sit down over there on that big bag of flour and spit it out. I want the details. Who knows, maybe I will be able to sell some nice cakes to the organizers of the race… or those tasty snacks?”

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