Divining Force * Forza divinatrice

Divining force of the tree

Chrisa, after waking up in a murky mood, quickly begins to write the details of the past night’s travels in her Moleskin notebook. Her soaked clothes drained onto the floor, leaving a conspicuous patch of water: the colorful flowered skirt looks like a spring flowerbed, soaked by the sudden downpour.

The young woman is aware that these records are important for her present existence, for leaving a lasting impression if something unexpected happens. How long had she lived with these strange premonitions? They were like the swallows foreseeing a sudden weather change. It’s a kind of oscillation in the solar plexus, a contraction that induced her to be prudent. For this reason, transcribing everything had become a habit, a ritual.

*** Vis Divinationis ***

The young woman was able to read, write and speak eight languages perfectly from the age of three. Several doctors, who had visited her, considered Chrisa a prodigy child, a kind of paranormal creature as indeed were all the Annwyn children considered. These singularities have forced the Annwyn children, at least initially, to lead strange, segregated lives because they did not need to attend schools. Their ancestral memory has a potential that other sentient beings do not have: Chrisa remembered many previous lives, and much more… maybe too much! The young woman cursed the power that, several times, had caused her big problems.

During the first years of life, Chrisa’s parents were very protective of her; only after her eighth birthday did she learn of the existence of other young people with similar psychic qualities. Through the intercession of the Unified Power, these young people obtained a special treatment by the authorities and they received some sort of unparalleled protection. They were given the opportunity to participate at the Supreme Congress, where only the key figures in the conduction of the Planet Earth had access. Chrisa had already crossed the “Al-Hillah” of Ishtar, home of the Unified Power during a couple of her dream trips, although this was highly prohibited.

After the year 2200, each Annwyn was regarded by ordinary mortals as a sort of ascetic or sage. They were given the onerous task of aiding the human race in the ascent towards the perfection of Mind, enlightenment, or even simply in the reunion with the Essence. The harsh living conditions, even aggravated by a kind of repression by the Unified Power, had brought most wisdom to the humans. However, to err is still always human and unfortunately, many of the errors that occurred after the 1900s did not serve as a warning. There was something intrinsic, which was thought to be inherent in human DNA: the presence of evil. Hence, the eternal struggle of Good vs. Evil! Throughout the ages, man progressed and then fell into the limbo of his own irresponsibility and continued to wander and generate horror and destruction around him.

The Unified Power, even awakening great opposition between free thinkers and scientists, allowed only the select few to conceive. When a man and a woman joined in marriage, they had the opportunity to seek permission to procreate, but not without first being subjected to a severe examination related to morality and ethics. The Unified Power had the conviction that only couples capable of managing in full consciousness the birth of a child, could raise the offspring in dignity and morality. Nevertheless, they concentrated only on the genetic effects; in fact, few theosophists in the ranks of the Unified Power welcomed the definition of karmic Mind/Soul and its itinerary linked to karmic-imprints generated during previous existences. This was an unforgivable mistake: a mistake that unfortunately would again affect humanity!

Being an Annwyn, Chrisa could choose her genetic parents and the environment in which she wanted to live, to be reincarnated as soon as the shell that she housed needed to be abandoned. However, an Annwyn is long-lived, and time does not mark the body as it would an ordinary human being. The passage through death and rebirth is a sort of metamorphosis, painless and self-imposed, that the members of the Unified Power had tried, unsuccessfully, to decode. This is a kind of secret, which every Annwyn guards jealously and carefully. Chrisa, some years before, as a result of the immense pain, felt at the disappearance of her parents and overcome by a profound need to share, had confided to her brother a few details, but without ever going into the information about the obscure symbols that concealed the true identity of the Annwyn.

The bond between Joshua and his sister was very deep, even if sometimes the unsociable character of both siblings ended up creating some bickering and dissension. Joshua feels deference to what he cannot explain in simple words. All the magic that hovers around the Annwyn, are not matters on which the young man loved to talk or quibble about. Chrysalis sensed that there was something else that brought them together, something that she has not yet been able to discover. Perhaps, for this reason, the girl began to introduce her brother to the enigmas of the Annwyn, in small steps, to avoid unnecessary fear and anxiety in his mind. The girl kept to herself the legend of the Codes and the Sacred Mirror, which would make it possible to exit from the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Their mother and father had died some years before, in strange circumstances; even the agents of the Experimental Team were not able to examine the reasons or motives. However, Chrisa thought she knew. She is sure to know the truth because in many of her dream-travels she meets the only Presence that she thinks could upset the existence of humankind: Hathor.

With these thoughts swirling in her mind like butterflies gone mad between stormy whirlwinds, Chrisa slips into the small shower so that the hot water could awaken her from the slumber of her nocturnal raids.

“Brrrr… Damn, Joshua has used all the hot water in the tank; I do not want to wait an hour for it to warm up. Let us have courage, I shall hurry up and not waste time as usual.”

From the shores of the lake up to the oldest part of the town, miraculously restored a century after the cataclysm, you need just a few pedal strokes. Joshua could cover the stretch of road on foot, but he felt the same reverence for his electric bike as he did for Avalon’s Mist, their sailboat.

The bike was a gift from their father, who always had a deep respect for nature and tried to preserve its charm in every way. He was a man of science, very wise and respected. He was a careful and strict father, but full of feeling towards his two children. Both Chrisa and Joshua had been accustomed since they were very small to nourish the respect of the flora and fauna. Their parents were always mobilized whenever emergencies required the direct involvement of citizens.

The rise in global temperature over the centuries had contributed to a succession of terrible ecological disasters. This had changed the geology of the planet in an irreversible way, forcing the residents to reach safety zones. As time passed, new environmental groups took critical positions in the matter of saving the planet, since the events at the beginning of the third millennium had upset the ecological balance. There were very strict laws enacted which punished offenders by forcing them into segregation in hospitals or even into hibernation. Many strange voices reported what really happened in these hospitals. Centuries before, it was said, in the heart of the Amazonian rainforest, one of the great lungs of the planet, was discovered a tiny parasitic fungus, the Cordyceps Unilateralis.

This fungus was accidentally found by looking at insects that had changed their behavior in an unusual way. The tiny spores of the fungus had entered the bodies of the insects through the respiratory tract, changing their perceptions and instincts. These were then used as a breeding ground and an incubator for fungal proliferation. Offenders confined in hospitals and laboratories owned by the Unified Power were exposed to direct contact with the Cordyceps Unilateralis. The fungus proceeded to destroy the individual, condemning them to progressive physiological destruction and bringing death in a few weeks. Nothing illegal, apparently: Nature rebelled against those creatures that did not deserve to live.

Thanks to these drastic repression measures, the Unified Power was finally been able to control the rampant plague that had been deliberately ignored for too many centuries. Perhaps even, thanks to authorized procreation, crime was now under control. The new generations of the third millennium had gradually begun to bring the Order and the Knowledge; much had been permanently changed after the terrible events that took place in the year 2022. With the arrival of the Annwyn on the planet, the visionary dreams pursued by various so-called ‘New Age’ movements, had finally become reality: the Vibration of human beings and therefore the elevation of the planet Earth itself into other Spheres was about to be implemented.

However, for centuries, always lurking, very influential and powerful people, unscrupulous individuals who seek hegemony only for their personal interests, existed. These people, from the beginning, strongly opposed the Unified Power. The Unified Power had to take drastic measures: the Experimental Team was created shortly after introducing Martial Law, and despite its unbreakable power, sometimes evil could still get away unpunished. Some of them relied on pseudo-scientists trying to find the elixir of immortality or that passage which would open a path through the grid of Time. Those who refused to cooperate and worked against the Unified Power were eliminated.

However, the assassins of Chrisa and Joshua’s parents were able to disappear without a trace; unfortunately, such events continued to happen every day, despite the vigilantes who were attempting to protect their fellow citizens. They helped each other, working together to prevent acts of vandalism and crime; everyone could intervene directly to protect human rights. In complicated cases, they called the Experimental Team, who immediately interposed to restore order.

The new pedagogical model used since about a hundred years ago had allowed the use of a new kind of teaching. The new model emphasized Respect and Cohesion. Unfortunately, it was centuries before fate would bring the Unified Power to make finally the decisive step, by which time Nature had suffered irreversible damage and thousands of species were extinct. Two hundred years of history had so substantially transformed the political economy and the financial world. Furthermore, due to the presence of these unique creatures, the opening to ‘other Spheres’ was facilitated and the exchange could take place over several vibrations’ levels, although this practice was only granted to the Annwyn. This last was then treated with special respect and reverence, albeit with certain circumspection.

The fragrant smell of the bread tickles Joshua’s nose, and he looks around with the voracious enthusiasm of someone who would gladly have gobbled down pastries and sandwiches. Joshua walks into the shop and Fabrizio, pulling the last four chocolate fudge croissants out from under the counter, gives them to him.

“Get these, skipper,” Fabrizio said. “I kept them for you! Because of you, I will probably lose some other customers. I will have to bake a dozen more of these calorie bombs! They sell really well! However, tell me, is the old Marius already out with his catamaran? Apparently, they all are in fervor for tomorrow’s race. Uhh, you are blessed. Honestly, I do not understand a damn thing about boats, sails, and wind… What are the organizers offering as a prize?”

Joshua smiled at the baker, glancing in the direction of the vertical refrigerator where Fabrizio enshrines some sweets with honey, a rare and expensive delicacy because of the shortage of raw material.

“Look, Fabrizio, how about ‘one of those cakes’ that usually you give me as a birthday present in exchange for information to satisfy your curiosity?”

The little man, always covered from head to toe in flour, had an infectious laugh. Fabrizio rubs flour from his hands on to his long white coat, before placing both hands on his hips. The young man was already delighted at the prospect of biting the wonderful little mounds that dissolve on the tongue before releasing a heavenly taste. Joshua has several weaknesses; in addition to his passion for sailing, he loved desserts, which would certainly cause him weight problems in the end. He had not yet managed to find out if the flour and the other ingredients used by Fabrizio, were really provided by the Unified Power. He suspected that the good man was not using an approved supplier.

There were so many stories, which would soon become legends, concerning ‘illegal’ biological products that could not be bought freely on the market. Unfortunately, the situation on the planet had worsened over the decades. At a certain moment, because of the deteriorating climate and the several atomic disasters, many plantations were destroyed while the soil and the water had been contaminated by radiation. Governments had to fall back exclusively on genetic manipulation and in-vitro culture in the hope of being able to cope with the tragedy and feed the already decimated population.

Then, little by little, the proponents of the so-called ‘biological products’ were dropped in number and placed under greater control. Law forbids the sale of other products that did not bear the mark of the Unified Power. Joshua never had dared to ask Fabrizio how, considering the near extinction of bees, he managed to get the honey that was almost considered outlawed and therefore forbidden. Fabrizio casts around a furtive glance, raising himself on his toes to peek out the window toward the alley, and then he approached Joshua and whispers in his ear.

“Well, I agree. I will give you two of them. I feel generous today. Is your birthday is in a few weeks, right? These are worth a fortune, my friend! However, not a word, otherwise they will make me close the store. This isn’t a joke!”

The baker smiled and winked at Joshua.

“Sit down over there on that big bag of flour and spit it out. I want the details. Who knows, maybe I will be able to sell some nice cakes to the organizers of the race… or those tasty snacks?”

The Vibratory Matrix


(Chapter 1)

The rain pours over the rooftops of the city still enveloped in darkness. The silvery flashes of lightning, ripped through the night sky, illuminate the steps of the woman who runs at breakneck speed along the bike path that extends beside the lake. The long flowered skirt is glued to her body, highlighting her thin figure. With an angry gesture of her hands, she raises the fabric just enough to clear the knees to facilitate her movements. The long amber hair, collected over the nape, wriggles to the rhythm of her quick steps.

The smell of the water penetrates everything, with arrogance, creeping into the nostrils of the woman. There are sparkling rivulets along the edges of the sidewalks carrying a few leaves torn from the branches of the nearby trees by the force of the wind. Everything is enveloped in darkness; every form seems to come to life whenever a flash profanes the sky. The trees rise like ghosts of other worlds, driven by the fury of the elements. Are those the moments where the human is related to the divine, those moments of profound atavistic fear in which man realizes the tremendous force of Nature?

Apparently, everyone is asleep, living dreams representing a kind of parallel life in which each one finds themselves unconditionally. It is the frustration, which sometimes generates anxiety and then becomes nightmares in those who, dropping all barriers, find themselves in a dream-like sketch that involves them in daily life.

Nevertheless, it is not like that for everyone: there are people who consciously know how to teleport from one dimension to another, psychically forcing entry into the paranormal world, where they can manipulate their very existence. These faculties are believed to be reserved only for the followers of esoteric occult practices but later were revealed as innate qualities of the “dreamers”.

These “dreamers”, commonly called Annwyn, although their molecular structure is exactly equal to ours to protect them by disguising their presence among us, have immeasurable powers of the mind.

The Annwyn began to arrive in large numbers on planet Earth around the end of the second millennium. Initially, beginning in the Seventies, they were treated as anomalous cases, sometimes subjected to real psychological torture, confined in hospitals and sedated through the administration of psychotropic drugs. They were always restless and peevish children who made life a living hell for their parents. Then, growing up, they had become hyperactive students and always at the center of conflicts and disputes. There have been a myriad of theses written about them, each one crazier than the last. Only later, at the discovery of ancient codes, was the real reason for their presence on planet Earth recognized: to help human beings to grow spiritually and then escape from the imminent global catastrophe predicted since ancient times.

The woman who pursues her destiny is in fact one of them: an Annwyn and her name is Chrysalis, Chrisa to her friends.

Chrisa stops for a few seconds, looking at her back. She is breathless and she feels his presence. She is aware that the pursuer will not give her a break until her exit from the REM phase.

She loses her balance for a split second, stepping on something slippery and, full of surprise, she bent toward the ground, seeing a strange, relatively small artifact. Despite the danger of losing the advantage that separated her from the pursuer, with the typical curiosity of the Annwyn, Chrysalis collects the object from the ground without even verifying its nature, hurriedly put it in the bag that she carries on the shoulder.

The Cascades of water flooded the strip of asphalt that was the cycling path, painted green, like a poisonous snake, streaked further east, towards the port. There was no living soul around at that inappropriate hour; soon the dawn will start to illuminate the sky from the East and erase the fears of the night.

*** Matrix Motus ***

On the boat, definitely still blissfully asleep and completely unaware of what is happening inside the dream world of an Annwyn, is Chrysalis’ brother, Joshua.

Chrisa jumps over the barrier of the dock and launches herself in the last effort along the boards that look like the keyboard of an old piano, so much they shine in the scary glow of lightning.

However, the curiosity, which most of the time the young woman cannot handle, is always stronger than the immense wisdom that should be inherent in her being. For her, it is a real dilemma of not being able to refrain from the uncertainty of most often-risky decisions.

“I must stop, once and for all! But why can’t I lead a normal life, like him?”

Chrisa bent and kiss on the forehead her brother asleep.

“Damn those who have bequeathed us this Mission: is it possible that humans should be forced to require our presence in order to progress in their spiritual evolution?”

The woman is nearing her physical shell, which is lying helplessly curled in a fetal position; she slips her bag from over her shoulder and throws it on the ground. The vibration in the surrounding air is altered, assuming a very intense golden color: the energies of the two camps – the astral and the material – gathering while the Annwyn falls into her physical structure.


At dawn, Joshua wakes up in a good mood. He goes on the deck of the sailboat, checks the ropes that moor the boat, then, running, he reaches the shore.

“Hi, Marius! Are you ready for tomorrow’s race? Look, this time my sister and I will give you a hard time!”

Joshua watches the old man with eyes that sparkle with cunning, while he grabs the handlebars of the electric bicycle. Along the lake, there are already a lot of people, tourists, and inhabitants of the village, taking a relaxing morning walk.

A day seemingly like any other: the air is charged with the perfume of flowers, a gentle breeze rattles the iron rigging of the moored sailboats, as the first rays of sunshine caress the landscape with tingling heat.

Some men of the Experimental Team, accompanied by their enormous cats resembling a genetic mongrel between a jaguar and a bobcat, are not unnoticed because of their blue and silver uniforms. They stop a few individuals and are about to verify the identity papers before carrying out a body search.

Marius glares with a significant look in the direction of Joshua; his face scorched by the sun does not betray his disapproval, but he makes no comment on the newcomers. He pretends to be too busy to curl up a rope and, approached the boy.

“Watch out, small fresh-water wolf,” he whispers, “I don’t believe that you and Chrisa are capable of beating me, I’m far too smart! The proof is that instead of sleeping or wandering everywhere with the bicycle, I sail to train a bit. Moreover, remember the old saying, ‘laughs best who laughs last’. Come on up, run to get fresh bread at Fabrizio’s shop before all the chocolate croissants are sold. Wolverine that you are! See you for a bit of pasta and potatoes at noon? Ask your sister to get busy in the kitchen, she’s a good cook, and I’ll take the sweet goody!”

Joshua readjusts his slightly wavy black hair, his eyes, bright as a pool of sunlit river water, rests upon the figure of his friend. Then he returns an amused grimace to the elderly man, who makes a sign with his head, laying a finger over his lips, in the direction of the agents. It had not escaped the boy that those of the security forces had loaded the arrested people onto the armored SUV.

“Brrr… We won’t see those guys again.”

Then, he continues turning to Marius with an excited look:

“Well? For lunch, will you bring some more of that wondrous concoction? Holy God, I still have not digested the sort of potion whose recipe claims to be the work of the ancient Druids. Anything except apricot’s cream! Okay. Let us go for “pasta and potatoes”. We’ll see each other at 1:00 PM on the Avalon’s Mist.”

The young man jumps on the saddle of his bike and moves away quickly, pedaling at a good pace as if to prove to his elderly friend that he actually trains for the race as well!

[1] Rapid eye movement is indicated most frequently by the acronym REM, which is the “rapid eye movement” that occurs during a phase of sleep accompanied by other bodily physiological alterations. REM sleep is also called paradoxical sleep and is accompanied by dreams.


The new book: The Vibratory Matrix

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The adventure of Chrysalis continues

Be ready!

The protagonists find themselves in front of a new device that, combined with the Vibratony Matrix, would allow its operation.
Lord Warden has found in Beckett a new ally, evil and ready for any criminal act to hinder that the club composed of young annwyn can follow the advice of Magister Kalistos.
Even the commander Fenix does not remain with his arms folded. With the trusted Sergio, he decides to meet with Hator Var Darquen de Aguillar. The book that the latter had left him in “custody” before leaving, must absolutely be able to serve to make order among the high ranks of the Unified Power.
Surprises will not miss, the twists will be many and unexpected…

See you around!


wiadomosci.pl    http://photonshouse.com

L’avventura di Chrysalis continua

Siete pronti?

I protagonisti si ritrovano davanti ad un nuovo oggetto che, combinato con la Matrice Vibrazionale, permetterebbe il suo funzionamento.
Lord Warden ha trovato in Beckett un nuovo alleato, malvagio e pronto a qualsiasi atto criminale pur di ostacolare che il Circolo composto da giovani annwyn possa seguire i consigli del Magister Kalistos.
Anche il comandante Fenix non resta con le mani in mano. Col fidato Sergio, decide di trovarsi con Hator Var Darquen de Aguillar. Il libro che quest’ultimo gli aveva lasciato in “custodia” prima di congedarsi, deve assolutamente poter servire a fare ordine tra gli alti ranghi del Potere Unificato.
Le sorprese non mancheranno, i colpi di scena saranno tanti e inaspettati.

Volete seguirmi?

Between the pages of the novel * tra le pagine del romanzo



When I started to write down my thoughts, I wanted to leave an ecological and sensitive footprint that it could reflect not only my beliefs.
Many environmental, humanitarian and spiritual issues are mixed together in the writing of my novels, always enriched with a touch of magical fantasy that makes them exciting.
The Annwyn’s Secret follows then a conscious strand with a vision projected to the 2222, as the facts of current political/religious, environmentalism and climate chronicle are showing us that we actually go toward selfannihilation.
Today’s migration? It will be a very small thing compared to the apocalyptic movement of people put to flight by extreme climate change. Floods and droughts will create new refugees…
If we will not make radical changes NOW, what it is described in the novel will become reality.
NOW we have to put a stop to these factors, such as fossil fuels, causing the climate disaster.
Remember, climate change is now no longer just a problem of pollution but rather a humanitarian emergency which affects the poorest and most vulnerable communities.
This is also my clear message in this fascinating novel: let us protect our Planet Earth!


Quando ho iniziato a trascrivere i miei pensieri, ho voluto lasciare un’impronta ecologica e sensibile che potesse rispecchiare le mie convinzioni.
Molti temi ambientali, umanitari, spirituali sono mescolati tra loro nella stesura dei miei romanzi, sempre arricchiti con un tocco di magica fantasia che li rende avvincenti.
Il Segreto degli Annwyn segue quindi un filone cosciente con una visione proiettata al 2222, poiché i fatti di cronaca attuale politici/religiosi, climatici e ambientalistici ci stanno mostrando che realmente andiamo verso l’auto-annientamento.
Le migrazioni attuali? Saranno ben poca cosa confrontate agli spostamenti apocalittici di popolazioni messe in fuga dai cambiamenti climatici estremi. Inondazioni e siccità creeranno nuovi profughi…
Se non effettueremo ORA dei cambiamenti radicali, quanto è descritto nel romanzo diventerà realtà.
ORA dobbiamo mettere un freno a quei fattori, come ad esempio le energie fossili, all’origine del disastro climatico.
Ricordate, il cambiamento climatico non è più ormai solo un problema d’inquinamento quanto piuttosto un’emergenza umanitaria che colpisce le comunità più vulnerabili e più povere.
Questo è anche il mio messaggio chiaro all’interno di quest’avvincente romanzo: proteggiamo il nostro Pianeta Terra!





The scenario & the main character Chrysalis

Chrysalis Bartók

The other day, walking in the narrow streets of Ascona, the story of Chrysalis returned vivid in my mind.
For an author, experiences of this kind are very important since these allow to give a sort of “dimension” to what narrated with words in your own novel.
The town of Ascona, in the reality of these years, has suffered several times the flooding of the Lake Verbano … what would happen in the novel  The Annwyn’s Secret  is much more than just flooding due to climate changes.
I felt a strange feeling, almost of respectful fear, trying to imagine the lake reach even beyond the Via Borgo. From the lakeside up to the beginning of the street are around 15 meters difference.
Human behavior, if will not undergo wise and radical changes, is leading us towards self annihilation. It is not purely environmental matter, civic responsibility is to each one of us!
The main character, as in part already revealed in the metaphor of her very name “chrysalis” -butterfly cocoon-, in the evolution of the story will be undergoing profound changes. As young woman, she will first be compared with the burden of her supernatural nature and then she will have to take choices that will involve the heart and the sphere of feelings and the rational mind.
Chrysalis, being an annwyn, challenges the constraints of the Unified Power, takes liberties that may damage herself… but at the same time she can act very smartly pondering every action. The love for her brother and the hatred toward the killers of their parents, however, lead her sometimes to an irrational behavior. Only with the help of the impact characters, she finally manages to follow the rational mind.


Marius Dr. Bartók friend

L’altro giorno, camminando nelle stradine di Ascona, le vicende di Chrysalis ritornano vivide nella mia mente. Per un autore, esperienze di questo genere sono molto importanti poiché permettono di dare una sorta di “dimensione” a quanto raccontato a parole nel proprio romanzo.
Ascona nella realtà di questi anni, ha sofferto più volte l’esondazione del lago Verbano… ciò che accadrebbe nel romanzo  Il segreto degli Annwyn  è molto più di una semplice esondazione dovuta al cambiamento climatico.
Ho provato una strana sensazione, quasi di rispettosa paura, nel cercare di immaginare il lago arrivare fin oltre la Via Borgo.
Il comportamento umano, se non subirà saggi cambiamenti radicali, ci sta conducendo verso l’auto annientamento. Non è una questione prettamente ecologica, la responsabilità civica è di ognuno di noi!
La protagonista principale, come in parte svelato già nella metafora del suo stesso nome “crisalide” -bozzolo di farfalla-, nell’evolvere della storia subirà dei profondi cambiamenti. Da giovane donna, sarà dapprima confrontata con il fardello della sua natura sovranaturale ed in seguito dovrà effettuare delle scelte che vedranno coinvolti il cuore e la sfera dei sentimenti e la Mente razionale.
Chrysalis, essendo una annwyn, sfida le coercizioni del Potere Unificato, si prende delle libertà che potrebbero danneggiarla… ma nel contempo agisce in modo molto intelligente ponderando ogni sua azione. L’amore per il fratello e l’odio verso gli assassini dei genitori, la portano però a comportamenti a volte irrazionali. Solo con l’aiuto dei personaggi secondari, riuscirà a seguire la mente razionale.


Claudine Giovannoni: Author Of The Month


The lovely Claudine Giovannoni, has won the spotlight on Author Of The Month for the most popular presentation on Kev’s Author Interviews in April 2015.

A picture and direct link to her book, Il Segreto degli Annwyn, (The Annwyn Secret) will be featured for a whole month on Great Indie Authors!


Presenting, Claudine Giovannoni


by courtesy:      Kevin Cooper Author  posted on Great Indie Authors


Kevin Cooper’s Author Interviews

by Kevin Cooper

Claudine Giovannoni – Switzerland

A short biography

Claudine is a writer who follows a hidden path, into an unfamiliar world. If you just surrender and go with her on her eerie journey, you will find that you have surrendered to enchantment, as if in a voluptuous and fantastic dream. She makes you believe everything she sees in her fantasy and dreams. But as well you take a journey to the frozen mountain peaks of the north of Europe, to the crowded sweating streets of Mexico or Africa. Her characters are wonderfully real and wholly believable perfectly situated in her richly textured prose. She’s a lovely person and she writes with exquisite powers of description!


Kev: What is your latest book about?

Claudine: In the future away from two centuries, with a much more disturbing society as the one familiar to us, the story begins in the beautiful alpine town of Ascona, on the banks of a big lake.
On the first page, arises the youngster Chrysalis with her problems and concerns, all the more complicated and fascinating when we learn that she is an Annwyn. To make matters worse, an enigmatic object falls – literally – to her feet.
Chrysalis, being an Annwyn, uses the dream time to travel, know and act consciously and real but is also a girl of twenty, suffering the brutal and simultaneous death of parents, and deeply connected to her brother (a few years older).
The Annwyn are among us already since the end of XX century, being born in “normal” families, and gradually attracting the attention of governments and scientists due to their telepathic and other quite strange faculties.
The environmental degradation, discussed for over half a century (by those who deny and those who denounce it) modifies the Civilisation irreversibly and radically. In sec. XXIII, humanity already lives within the normal range as possible, but with heavy negative consequences, such as an authoritarian world government, imposing order with a mix of scientific sophistication and violation of human rights.
However, to the Annwyn is recognized an essential and positive role in helping the human race to evolve to levels of awareness and sensitivity as to prevent further disasters.
It is in this context that Chrysalis moves, suspecting that her parents’ death was intentional, fearing the approach attempts of another Annwyn. She herself wanted to know more than the authorities allow, involving a mysterious “Sacred Mirror”, no less mysterious “codices” and an enigmatic “Vibrational Matrix

Kev: Who or what influenced you to write it?

Claudine: I met Chrysalis during my oneiric travels… actually I’m a dreamer too and I’m quite convinced that there is a hidden world in our dreams.

Kev: Did you do any specialised research for your story?

Claudine: For every book I write, I need to go very deep into the character’s and environment’s description. If I never visited the location, I try to get all the information’s from the web and even from people who live there. The characters somehow are taken from real people I know and this allows me to be absolutely precise and punctual getting to a more interesting psychological analysis. Before writing about a particular topic, it is fantastic to study everything into the smallest detail. For me is like going back to school!

Kev: What challenges did you face while writing the story?

Claudine: The biggest challenge is that the whole plot become a prized message about the values of life itself.
My family and I follow the Buddhist philosophy, this give me the chance to reach full happiness and helps me to be determinate in following my goals.
I have a special veneration for the Nature and all the living creatures: too much pain are given to flora & fauna, and this is no good at all.
In all my novels, the Message is hidden wisely inside the fantastic adventures full with perils, great suspense with a hint of magic as well.
I want people to use compassion and love as the most powerful “weapon!”

Kev: Who is the protagonist?

Claudine: In the novel “The Annwyn’s Secret”, the leading characters is Chrysalis Bartók; her brother Joshua and their friend Marius are both character giving the young woman the faculty to pursuit her interior searches.

Kev: What would you say is the protagonist’s greatest weakness or obstacle and why?

Claudine: Being an Annwyn Chrysalis has a great advantage above the humans (like her brother Joshua) but this psychic’s power doesn’t make her happy. After the death of both parents, the young woman is filled with anger and this state of mind confuses her becoming an obstacle which causes her hyperactivity. She became isolated and difficult to be approached, with 23 yrs. she never had a boyfriend…

Kev: Who is the main Antagonist?

Claudine: Vamaran, which is the transmutation of Gwynn ap Nudd a Norse saga’s king. He was an Annwyn who found the “secret codes” and broken the “Sacred Mirror”.

Kev: What would you say is the main antagonist’s greatest strength?

Claudine: He is handsome and extremely cleaver and manipulative, he plays around with people, getting them to do his will. Just as the beauty of “Power” does work upon humans…

Kev: Could you provide a short passage from your book to give us a taster?

# Chrisa looks for a spot where the trees’ branches are less dense and the light can penetrate through a flap of blue sky, which makes shine more intensely the emeralds chestnuts leaves. Got on the tool firmly, the young woman examines the surface of the lake before moving to scout the area close to the shore. The boats are anchored at about 700 feet down below the hill. With the binoculars Chrisa can also see Alessandro sitting in his red and white striped deck chairs. Everything looks calm, a few tourists wandering around, but on board the suspect yacht there is no trace of a living soul.
– Holy Grace. Yet… I was convinced… I’m not mistaken, usually…
With an annoyed grimace, Chrisa returns the binoculars to Marius and she sits on the first big rock that is on the way back to the car.
– Well, promise is a promise Marius. I want to show you something special, an object that we aren’t yet been able to understand what might be and where it may come from.
Then with extreme care, the girl pulled from her purse the checkered kitchen’s towel and hands it to the old friend.
– Who knows, maybe because of your experience you might have an idea… although I doubt that this is an easy question to answer.
Marius’s eyes cower, with one hand, he adjusts his glasses on the nose while the other takes delivery of the object from the hands of the young woman. In turn, he crouches to the ground and carefully lays bare the artifact. Stunned and incredulous, the old sailor blurts out of his mouth a curse in Gaelic: evidently he doesn’t believe what’s holding in his hands.
– It’s simply amazing! Ohhh goodness of the Gods… but… it’s… it’s impossible!

Kev: Favourite author’s book… What lured you to it?

Claudine: J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings.
Since we live in a subjectively different reality, the principles we follow are intrinsically based upon the Law of Cause-Effect, which is connected to our personal karma.
This was somehow present in my mind since I was 12-14 yrs. old… I heard a lot of rumors about this book so I became deeply intrigued. I loved the idea about elves and dragons, dwarves and dark spirits…
I read it 4 or 5 times in the past 40 years (including The Hobbit and the Silmarillion), and each time I reached to a superior level of consideration.
I guess that many humans need to dream about fairy and fiction, since our reality is much too harsh and the daily bad news tears our hearts apart.
The eternal war between good and evil is inside each one of us and the dichotomy which split-up the one from the other is matter of “vibration”.

Kev: When you write, do write off-the-cuff or do you use some kind of formula?

Claudine: I’m a very spontaneous person, December born with the fire in my star sign, I love to “create” scenery full with suspense, action, travel and many little details which sometimes the reader doesn’t achieve since she/he is too much take by the plot of the chronicle.
Sometime I dream things (alike Chrysalis and her world, which is ours, but in year 2222), others I get ideas by looking at the beauty of the Nature, or watching carefully at the behavior of my cats (they gave me the idea of the Jaglinks in this same tale).
Frankly I don’t have a formula, since every novel is a specific moment of my life, just like a mother giving birth to several kids.

Kev: How do you deal with writers-block?

Claudine: I don’t put myself into stress, never ever. That mean I write following my deep feelings and suggestions. When I’m abroad on vacation, I put down many ideas and drawings in my notebook. It helps me to get thoroughly into the emotion I want to write on the novel later.
Since I do write in an egoistical manner, I don’t force things to be done one special way or the other just to please the trend. When I’m not sure about a chapter, I wait and let my dreams help me. I guess I use the LOA quite often when I write… but as well I share my vibrations’ with my feline friends (they are a fantastic inspiration!)

Kev: Preference for writing: Day or Night?

Claudine: I prefer to write at night, with some good classical music as background.
By the way, my husband plays cello, my son piano and my daughter violin.
There isn’t much choice when you have a “regular” job -I’m not a professional writer-, I manage a family with two teenager of 13 and 16 yrs., one lovely husband and six cats.

Kev: What is your process for editing your work?

Claudine: I have a “magister” who is Italians’ literature professor. He likes very much my style, but he’s quite good for giving me suggestions about the “cutting” and “cleaning up” a text of unneeded details. He doesn’t agree much with my punctuation… but he says is an integral part of my writing style.
My husband (he’s a prof. as well.) likes to read at least once my drafts; he controls the details and coherences.
When all that is done, usually takes several months, the book is ready to be assessed.
From the beginning of the first chapter to the end of the job, it takes from two to tree years.

Kev: How do you come up with your book covers?

I like the cover to be appealing and intriguing. I love artwork instead of adapted and modified photos. I know personally the two artists who worked at my book’s cover.

Kev: Do you think the book cover is important?

Claudine: Yes, because if you aren’t a well-known writer, you have first to attract the reader to the image… then usually the curious person reads your bibliography inside the novel and perhaps the foreword. At this point if the message hits, he buys the book.

Kev: Which publishing platform do you prefer and why?

Claudine: I’m old fashioned. I’m not good with the use of platforms and I’m very suspicious with technology. Several times short stories or poems have been published somewhere else without putting my name as copyright. This is plagiarism, is vulgar and despicable.
Last novel was published by Edizioni Ulivo – Balerna (which is not too far from where I live), I pledge to read the printed words!

Kev: Do you face any daunting obstacles during the publishing process?

Claudine: I think this is somehow normal, especially at the first time when you are a novice. If at the beginning I accepted the publisher’s conditions, now I have an agent and a lawyer taking care of my interests.

Kev: What methods do you use to promote your work?

Claudine: The word of mouth is the best at the beginning, but I like to meet people and for this is important to have public presentations or lectures as well. Lovely are the literary coffees. The web is a very important promotion’s device, for this I use my blog. I’m trying to keep a track of the reviews for the books at the site:


from here you may enter a special page for each book I wrote. YouTube is quite interesting, I published a couple of interviews for the television and as well some presentations accompanied with music.

Kev: Do you have any advice for new authors?

Claudine: I guess life is the best school, every one of us has his own lessons to take and is very difficult to give the right tip and hint without knowing the writer and her/his aims in life.
If someone is interested in creative writing, it is always my pleasure to encourage people to go on without being discouraged by what happens along the way.
I basically write for myself but then I like to push through a message which I consider terribly urgent: the preservation of the planet Earth! I like to use the money I earn to sustain specific humanitarian project; in the future I will devote some money for the safeguard of animals too.

Kev: Which social media platforms do you use the most? (provide a couple of links here)

Claudine: I have a FB personal page and Chrysalis Bartók has her own fan-page.

Kev: Do you have a blog or dedicated website for your books? (provide a link)

Claudine: In my personal blog I post non only curiosities about myself and my writings, but I like to spread the words about more ecological an ethical issues.
I’m supporting several ONG like WWF, Greenpeace, Alley Cat allies and Avaaz.org, just to name four of them:


Kev: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Claudine: Right now I’m very trilled since my novel “The Annwyn’s Secret” has being selected from the Torino Film Lab (AdaptLab) for the screen adaptations. See the announcement.

The English translation of this novel was sent to well-known London’s Publishers: my agent is in contact with them and we are waiting for a definitive agreement.

Others books in Italian language are:

Il Kumihimo del Sole”


Il Cristallo della Pace”


Nebbie nella Bughiera”  


“Tracce” (poems from Nebbie nella Brughiera)


I 4 Elementi


Not published jet is:
“Piccoli passi nella Taiga” (Taiga’s Dream)


Presentazione letteraria * literary presentation

Un’occasione da non mancare: ascoltare dal vivo il  quartetto d’archi “I Fulmini”  (Francesca, Sara Luna, Valentina e Antonio) che ha conseguito un primo premio al concorso svizzero di Neuchâtel lo scorso mese di marzo e il 19.4.2015 un secondo premio al concorso internazionale di Legnago.
Con la presentazione del mio ultimo romanzo “Il Segreto degli Annwyn”  che attualmente viene trasformato in una sceneggiatura per film… e vi parlerò della sua prossima pubblicazione lingua inglese a livello internazionale.

Vi attendo numerosi il giovedì 23 aprile 2015 dalle 17:30 presso la:

Biblioteca comunale di Giubiasco – Viale 1814  N°3 – 6512 Giubiasco


“La vita è fatta di tante emozioni…

queste, le voglio condividere con voi!”


The world of “The Annwyn’s Secret” after the cataclysm of 2022

2222 copyright  taylorsdigibramantyoibam.wordpress.com

The description of the scenes, in regard to the atmosphere and the everyday in 2222, is a difficult task since this is a film of anticipation (fiction). The directors and producers are very sensitive to these descriptions as drastically affect the budget of realization and production.
In the novel is NOT explicitly described exactly what happened and it was deliberately left a widen imaginative faculty to the reader!
The apparent “inconsistencies” because there are things, actions,
materials etc. as in the 2015… but you have to keep in mind that in 2022 the global catastrophe has devastated the entire planet Earth, killing 2/3 of the population.
The alpine zone (Switzerland) has not only suffered from earthquakes but as well the raising of the water (flooding) due to the failure of artificial dams.
The horrendous earthquakes have practically caused the breakup of all nuclear plants on the planet, crippling the nations for the lack of electricity, with the insidious radiation which contaminated water and soil.
These survival conditions have subsequently had implications of such gravity which have at first caused civil wars in the desperate struggle for economic power.
But after the collapse of every other form of religious and civil power, frantically  the “Dominants” are thrown into a third world war, which ended with the signing of a peace agreement in Ishtar (the Babylon of ancient Sumerians) where was established the New Unified Absolute Power.
For more than a century had to be constructed on the rubble: a small part of the technology has advanced while other things, the most commonly used and linked to survival, have remained virtually unchanged to this day.

22221picture from the web  🙂 copyright

La descrizione delle scene, in riguardo all’atmosfera e il quotidiano nel 2222, è un compito difficile in quanto trattasi di un film di anticipazione (fantascienza). I registi e produttori sono molto sensibili a queste descrizioni poiché incidono drasticamente sul budget di realizzazione e produzione.
Nel romanzo NON è descritto in modo esplicito esattamente cosa è accaduto e si è volutamente lasciato amplia facoltà immaginativa al lettore!
Le apparenti “incoerenze” poiché vi sono cose, azioni, materiali ecc. come nell’attuale 2015, bisogna tenere presente che nel 2022 la catastrofe globale ha devastato l’intero pianeta Terra uccidendo i 2/3 della popolazione.
La zona alpina (Svizzera) non ha subito terremoti ma unicamente l’innalzamento delle acque (esondazioni) a causa della rottura di dighe artificiali.
Gli orrendi terremoti hanno praticamente causato la rottura di tutte le centrali atomiche del pianeta, paralizzando le nazioni per la mancanza di elettricità e con le insidiose radiazioni che hanno contaminato acqua e suolo.
Queste condizioni di sopravvivenza hanno in seguito avuto risvolti di tale gravità che sono subentrate inizialmente delle guerre civili nella disperata lotta per il potere economico.
Ma dopo il crollo di ogni altra forma di potere religioso e civile, freneticamente i “Dominanti” si sono gettati in una terza guerra mondiale, che terminò con la firma di un accordo di pace a Isthar (Babilonia degli antichi Sumeri) dove si instaurò il nuovo assoluto Potere Unificato.
Per più di un secolo si è dovuto ricostruire sulle macerie: una piccola parte della tecnologia è avanzata mentre altre cose, più d’uso comune e legato alla sopravivenza, sono restate pressoché invariate ai giorni nostri.

22222picture from the web  🙂 copyright


… and the scriptwriter is: Manuela Piemonte


AdaptLab – The course for international scriptwriters wishing to develop a book-to-screen adaptation.
6 participants working on as much as pre-selected novels:
Geoff Bellhouse (UK)
Nathalie Biancheri (Russia/Italy/Germany)
Maxim Cirlan (Moldovia/Romania)
Philip Kelly (Ireland)
Ivan Knežević (Serbia)
Among the pre-selected novels: Buona Fortuna (Good Luck) by Barbara Fiorio, published by Mondadori (IT); Ti Ascolto (The Listener) by Federica De Paolis, published by Bompiani (IT); Il Segreto degli Annwyn (The Annwyn’s Secret) by Claudine Giovannoni, published by Edizioni Ulivo (CH); Extraits des Archives du District (From the Distric File) by Kenneth Bernard, published by Le Tripode Publishing (FR) and Gösta Berlings Saga (The Saga of Gösta Berling) by Selma Largerlöf, published by Penguin Classics (UK).
articolo CdT 15.02.06CdT 15.2.2015

The Annwyn Secret: the thrill to become a movie


AdaptLab: from page to screen 

This year L’immagine e la parola (Images and words)  (19 – 22 March) will be joined by a session of AdaptLab, a workshop on the adaptation of literary works for the screen, developed by TorinoFilmLab and addressing industry professionals. This major initiative from TorinoFilmLab will take place at Locarno for the very first time. AdaptLab will hold its inaugural session from 19 to 25 March, a workshop for directors and screenwriters from around the world who want to work in the field of adapting literary works for the screen. Twelve specially selected participants will be working on screen adaptations involving their own projects or based on novels chosen in advance by TorinoFilmLab. AdaptLab will follow every stage of the adaptation process, including by allowing participants to showcase their work to an audience of industry attendees at the next Meeting Event of TorinoFilmLab, scheduled for November. Participants will be mentored by three tutors who will be their guides along the complex adaptation pathway, fostering the exchange of ideas and the development of the various projects through group sessions and on-line networking. Among the books already picked out for adaptation is local Swiss writer Claudine Giovannoni’s novel Il segreto degli Annwyn (published by Ulivo, 2013).

Nadia Dresti, Delegate to the Artistic Direction and Head of International, Festival del film Locarno: “The opportunity for L’immagine e la parola to host an event of international standing such as AdaptLab is a source of considerable satisfaction for us. Thanks to funding from the Region this year we are in a position to put on L’immagine e la parola in tandem with a major event for industry professionals, raising the profile of our spring program still further.”

Carlo Chatrian, artistic director of the Locarno Film Festival: “The coming of Pawlikowski to Locarno enriches and clarifies the meaning of this year that it intends to explore the porous borders that are between word and image in motion, between the narrator who writes and that who films, between the subject of a story and that of a film. Whether in fiction or documentary, at home or abroad, Pawlikowski preserves that glossy and disillusioned glance that allows his stories to become much more than just individual stories. ”


AdaptLab: dalla pagina allo schermo

Quest’anno L’immagine e la parola sarà affiancata da un’importante iniziativa del TorinoFilmLab destinata ai professionisti del settore, che per la prima volta si svolgerà a Locarno. Dal 19 al 25 marzo si terrà infatti la sessione inaugurale di AdaptLab, workshop per registi e sceneggiatori provenienti da tutto il mondo che desiderano lavorare nel campo dell’adattamento cinematografico di opere letterarie, con la presenza del regista polacco Pawel Pawlikowski,

Dodici i partecipanti selezionati che lavoreranno su adattamenti per il grande schermo attraverso un proprio progetto o lavorando su romanzi pre-selezionati dal TorinoFilmLab.

AdaptLab seguirà l’intero processo di adattamento, dando la possibilità ai partecipanti di presentare i propri lavori di fronte a una platea di professionisti del settore durante il prossimo Meeting Event del TorinoFilmLab, in programma a novembre. Tre tutor affiancheranno i partecipanti, guidandoli nel processo di adattamento, promuovendo lo scambio di idee e lo sviluppo dei progetti grazie al lavoro di gruppo e a sessioni online.

Fra i libri selezionati figura anche Il segreto degli Annwyn (Ed. Ulivo, 2013) della scrittrice ticinese Claudine Giovannoni.


Nadia Dresti, Delegata alla Direzione artistica e Head of International: “Avere la possibilità di ospitare durante L’immagine e la parola un evento di caratura internazionale come AdaptLab è per noi motivo di grande soddisfazione. Grazie al sostegno della Regione possiamo quest’anno affiancare a L’immagine e la parola un importante appuntamento destinato ai professionisti del cinema, che conferisce ulteriore lustro al nostro evento primaverile.”

Carlo Chatrian, Direttore artistico del Festival del film Locarno: “La venuta di Pawlikowski a Locarno arricchisce e precisa il senso di questa edizione che intende esplorare le frontiere porose che stanno tra parola e immagine in movimento, tra l’io che scrive e quello che filma, tra il soggetto di un racconto e quello di un film. Che sia nella finzione o nel documentario, in patria o all’estero, Pawlikowski conserva quello sguardo lucido e disincantato che permette alle sue storie di diventare molto più che dei racconti individuali.”

Gwynn ap Nudd


Gwynn ap Nudd, the White son of the Night in Welsh mythology, is the ruler of the Tylwyth Teg, the Little People.
Summoned by Lord Warden, in the guise of Vamaran, the charming White ruler tries to seduce Chrysalis.
But his contender Hator var Darquen de Aguilar is willing to do anything to defend the young woman!


Gwynn ap Nudd, il Bianco figlio della Notte, nella mitologia gallese è il sovrano dei Tylwyth Teg, il Piccolo Popolo.
Evocato da Lord Warden, nelle spoglie di Vamaran, l’affascinante Bianco sovrano cerca di sedurre Chrysalis…
Ma il suo contendente Hator var Darquen de Aguillar è disposto a tutto pur di difendere la giovane donna.

About Chrysalis Bartók

Chrysalis is a young annwyn of 23 years old, she speaks and writes fluently eight languages since she was 3 years old. Beautiful and a bit introverted, she trusts only her brother Joshua and their old friend Marius, a sea wolf who owns a racing catamaran. With his brother lives on a sailboat anchored in the port of Ascona.
After their parents died in a circumstance never clarified by the police, the girl is at the mad pursuit of ancient secret codes that allow you to break the
Sacred Mirror and to exit the Projection. By doing so, she violates the strict martial laws that apply on the planet in the year 2222, although the Unified Power has a special regard for all the annwyn, the young is likely to get in a big mess.
But despite her innate powers that allow her to travel to the dream”, she is hunted by people who want to use her powers for less-than positive aims.


 Chrysalis è una giovane annwyn di 23 anni, parla e scrive fluentemente 8 lingue da quando aveva 3 anni. Bella e un po’ introversa, si fida unicamente del fratello e del loro vecchio amico Marius, un lupo di mare che possiede un catamarano da competizione. Con il fratello Joshua vive su di una barca a vela ancorata nel porto di Ascona.

Dopo la morte dei genitori in una circostanza mai chiarita dalla polizia, la ragazza è alla folle ricerca degli antichi codici segreti che le permetteranno di infrangere lo Specchio Sacro per uscire dalla Proiezione. Facendo ciò trasgredisce le severe leggi marziali che vigono sul pianeta nell’anno 2222, sebbene il Potere Unificato serbi un particolare riguardo per gli annwyn, la giovane rischia di mettersi in un grosso pasticcio.

Ma nonostante i suoi innati poteri che le permettono di viaggiare nel “sogno”, la ragazza è braccata da persone che la vogliono utilizzare per scopi tutt’altro che positivi.

La Matrice vibrazionale * the vibratory Matrix

celtic_crosspicture copyright pendragon


Once in a glade’s space, the girl is hesitant and with a frown, turned to his friend she urges him:

–  Come on Marius, be kind, hand me the binoculars. Then I’ll explain to you the rest. I won’t keep anything hidden, I only fear to involve you into a damn strange and risky story!

Chrisa looks for a spot where the trees’ branches are less dense and the light can penetrate through a flap of blue sky, makes more intensely shine the emeralds chestnuts leaves. Got on the tool firmly, the young woman examines the surface of the lake before moving to scout the area close to the shore. The boats are anchored at about 700 feet down below the hill. With the binoculars Chrisa can also see Alessandro sitting in his red and white striped deck chairs. Everything looks calm, a few tourists wandering around, but on board the suspect yacht there is no trace of a living soul.

–  Holy Grace. Yet… I was convinced… I’m not mistaken, usually…

With an annoyed grimace, Chrisa returns the binoculars to Marius and she sits on the first big rock that is on the way back to the car.

–  Well, promise is a promise Marius. I want to show you something special, an object that we aren’t yet been able to understand what might be and where it may come from.

Then with extreme care, the girl pulled from her purse the checkered kitchen’s towel and hands it to the old friend.

– Who knows, maybe because of your experience you might have an idea… although I doubt that this is an easy question to answer.

Marius’s eyes cower, with one hand, he adjusts his glasses on the nose while the other takes delivery of the object from the hands of the young woman. In turn, he crouches to the ground and carefully lays bare the artifact. Stunned and incredulous, the old sailor blurts out of his mouth a curse in Gaelic: evidently he doesn’t believe what’s holding in his hands.

–  It’s simply amazing! Ohhh goodness of the Gods… but… it’s… it’s impossible!



Arrivati in uno spiazzo la giovane è titubante e con lo sguardo accigliato, rivolta all’amico, lo incita:

– Dai Marius, sii gentile, passami il binocolo. Poi ti spiego anche il resto. Non voglio tenerti nulla di nascosto, ho solo il maledetto timore di coinvolgerti in una strana storia rischiosa!

Chrisa cerca un punto dove i rami delle piante sono meno folti e la luce può penetrarvi attraverso; un lembo d’azzurro fa brillare in modo più intenso anche le foglie smeraldo dei castagni. Inforcato lo strumento, la giovane esamina la superficie del lago per poi spostarsi a perlustrare la zona vicina alla riva. Le barche sono ancorate, in linea d’aria, circa 700 metri più sotto. Con il binocolo Chrisa scorge anche Alessandro seduto nella sua sdraio a righe bianche e rosse. Tutto appare calmo, qualche turista a zonzo, ma a bordo dello yacht sospetto non c’è traccia di anima viva.

– Porca miseria. Eppure… ero convinta… non mi sbaglio, solitamente…

Con una smorfia infastidita Chrisa ritorna a Marius il binocolo e si siede sul primo grosso sasso che trova lungo la via del ritorno.

– Bene, promessa è debito Marius. Voglio farti vedere qualcosa di particolare, un oggetto che non siamo ancora riusciti a capire che cosa possa essere e neppure da dove possa provenire.

Poi con estrema attenzione, la giovane estrae dalla sua borsa l’asciugamano quadrettato di cucina e lo porge al vecchio.

– Chissà che forse grazie alla tua esperienza magari hai un’idea… anche se dubito che questo sia un quesito di facile risposta.

Gli occhi di Marius si fanno piccoli, con una mano si aggiusta gli occhiali sul naso mentre con l’altra prende in consegna l’oggetto dalle mani della giovane. A sua volta si accovaccia a terra e con grande cura mette a nudo il manufatto. Sbigottito ed incredulo il vecchio marinaio si lascia scappare di bocca un’imprecazione in gaelico: evidentemente non crede a ciò che tiene tra le mani.

– È semplicemente incredibile! Ohhh bontà degli Dei… ma… è… è impossibile!


The premonition… and the horror that later occurs * Premonizione… e l’orrore che poi accade


In the novel I describe the terrible climatic disasters worldwide of 2022...  But the flooding of Lake Maggiore is unfortunately a reality today: the Ascona of Chrysalis and Josua is a debacle, and I have a strange feeling in the pit of the stomac!

[excerpt from the novel]

The boat of the two young people is anchored in the harbor of a town that, like other places on the lake side recovered after the flood, for three quarters of the year is full of animosity and fervor linked to tourism that comes there from all over the world.

The small town, which remained nearly unchanged over the past two centuries, is located on the shores of Lake Verbano. Ascona had not suffered major damage, except the sudden rise of the water. In summer, the town came alive with color and music into the early morning hours. This kept a hint of nostalgia, also broadcast several times on Unynetweb, the global news channel.

Then there are the countless villas and holiday apartments that can accommodate during the good season the property owners who are mainly members of the Institutions of Power or Control. All this contributes to the prosperity of the town which has in every corner flower beds and well maintained and luxuriant parks.

The twenty-third century had led humans to deal with drastic and sometimes terrible changes. Though two centuries before it was destroyed one third of the planet and the dead were more than 3 billion, the strength of survival implicit in the genes and DNA was allowed to re-establish a sort of community bound in the span time of about 120 years.

The Unified Power was supported by a group of philosophers, philanthropists and scientists. The Annwyn were trying to give their contribution even though many of them didn’t approve at all the methods used by the Experimental Team to maintain order and control.

Many people, in the purpose of living in peace, had adapted to fake and not to deal with ethical or political problems. A kind of no-see-no-hear-no-speak. This is also, paradoxically, a situation that recurred during the crucial moments of human evolution and therefore marking the History.


Nel romanzo descrivo le terribili catastrofi climatiche mondiali del 2022…  Ma l’esondazione del lago Maggiore è purtroppo una realtà attuale: l’Ascona di Chrysalis e Josua è uno sfacelo, e mi sento una strana sensazione alla bocca dello stomaco.

[estratto dal romanzo]

La barca dei due giovani è ancorata nel porto di una cittadella che, come altri posti lacustri ricuperati dopo l’esondazione, per i tre quarti dell’anno è piena d’animosità e fervore legato al turismo che giunge lì da ogni parte del mondo.

Il piccolo paese, rimasto pressoché invariato negli ultimi due secoli, è situato sulle sponde del Lago Verbano. Ascona non aveva subito grossi danni, a parte l’improvviso innalzamento delle acque. In estate, il borgo si animava di colori e musica fino alle prime ore del mattino. Questo manteneva un certo sentore nostalgico, più volte trasmesso anche su Unynetweb, il canale di informazione globale.

Poi ci sono le innumerevoli ville ed appartamenti di vacanza che accolgono per la bella stagione i proprietari che sono principalmente membri del Potere o di istituzioni di controllo. Tutto questo contribuisce al prosperare della cittadina che presenta in ogni angolo aiuole fiorite e parchi ben curati e rigogliosi.

Il 23.mo secolo aveva portato gli umani a confrontarsi con cambiamenti drastici ed a volte terribili. Sebbene 2 secoli prima era andato distrutto un terzo del pianeta ed i morti erano stati più di 3 miliardi, la forza della sopravvivenza insita nei geni e nel DNA aveva permesso di ristabilire una sorta di collettività vincolata nel lasso di circa 120 anni.

Il Potere Unificato era sostenuto da un gruppo di filosofi, filantropi nonché scienziati. Gli Annwyn cercavano di dare il loro contributo anche se molti di loro non condividevano per nulla i metodi utilizzati dalla Squadra Sperimentale per mantenere l’ordine ed il controllo.

Molte persone, per vivere in tranquillità, si erano adattate a fingere e a non occuparsi di problemi etici o politici. Una sorta di non-vedo-non-sento-non-parlo. Anche questo è, paradossalmente, una situazione che si ripresentava durante i momenti cruciali dell’evoluzione umana segnandone di conseguenza la storia.

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Yeah… seriously see who I have chosen!



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How to develop the script




Trying to define a guideline for the development of a script, I had to take the hand-written cards and process all in an approximate way.  There are several computer programs [thanks Cassidy Frazee!! 🙂  ]  but it appears to be quite complicated to use. I admit it: I am a bungling!

At a later time I will have to develop in depth the nature of the characters and revise all the dialogues. It will be absolutely necessary to have the figure of the storyteller as the novel spread over different levels -in real time, in the dream and in part linked to the Celtic legends-.

Believe me this would be a full-time commitment! And a bunch of fun guaranteed!


Cercando di definire la linea direttrice per l’elaborazione di una sceneggiatura, ho dovuto riprendere le schede scritte a mano ed elaborare il tutto in un modo aprossimativo.  Ci sono diversi programmi informatici [grazie Cassidy Frazee 🙂  ] ma mi risultano assai complicati da utilizzare. Lo ammetto: sono una pasticciona!

In un secondo tempo dovrò sviluppare in modo approfondito il carattere dei personaggi e rivedere tutti i dialoghi. Sarà assolutamente necessario avere la figura del “narratore” in quanto il romanzo si sviluppa su diversi piani temporali -nel reale, nel sogno e nella parte legata alle leggende celtiche-.

Credetemi… questo sarebbe un impegno a tempo pieno! E un mucchio di divertimento garantito!




Lasciatevi sedurre… * Let yourself be seduced…


ISBN  978 88 98018 07 09  

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Synopsis by Pedro Freire de Almeida

Uma ficção futurista e mitopoética:   “O segredo dos Annwyn“ de Claudine Giovanonni

por Pedro Freire de Almeida


Desde os primeiros parágrafos, “O Segredo dos Annwyn” (Il segreto degli Annwyn-Edizioni Ulivo) arrasta-nos para o fluxo duma narrativa misteriosa, plena de expectativa, onde momentos de bom humor e de ansiedade irrompem alternadamente, enquanto o enredo desenvolve as linhas de acção.

Num futuro à distância de dois séculos, numa sociedade tanto mais inquietante quanto nos é familiar, a história tem início na bela cidadezinha alpina de Ascona, nas margens de um grande lago.

Logo na primeira pagina, surge a jovem Chrysalis com seus problemas e anseios, tudo ainda mais complicado e fascinante quando ficamos a saber de que se trata de uma Annwyn. Para cúmulo, é nesse momento que um enigmático objecto lhe tomba ―literalmente— aos pés.

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